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News and Events

I am happy to share a new YouTube video—The Peace of Wild Things—a setting of the beautiful Wendell Berry poem. This version is for spoken voice and lever harp, with video footage, as well as photos by Narada Hess, Barry Reit, and Patrick Zephyr. Here’s the video:

Mr. Berry has been kind enough to give me permission to publish the arrangement, which will be forthcoming next month.


Recent Events:

Thanks to a grant from the American Harp Society, my setting of The Lenape Creation Story was presented twice at Q-Studio Lab in Sunnyside, NY. The first performance, for storyteller and lever harp, was performed by actress Una Clancy and myself in November; the second performance —in December—incorporated 18 second and third-graders, contributing percussion effects on a wide range of instruments. We worked with the kids twice a week for several weeks to help them prepare. Lots of struggle, learning, and fun was had by all, resulting in a wonderful presentation.


Other 2022 Highlights:

  • The Snow Queen came to Pittsburgh! A Multi-Harp Extravaganza! Harpists of all ages, skill levels, and harp types participated and gathered to present a performance of the famous Hans Christian Andersen classic. The setting —incorporating excerpts from famous orchestral literature, as well as participant solos—was commissioned by the Pittsburgh Chapter of AHS, and was co-sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University and The Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Harp Society.

  • The Nightingale was featured as part of the NY Scandinavian Music Festival! Performers were actress Hannah Sloat, flutist Pamela Sklar, and myself.

YouTube releases:

  • Oh, Freedom—my setting of the spiritual of the same name, set for brass quintet;

  • Oisin in Tir na n’Og—the harp & storyteller version of the classic Irish myth, featuring actress Hannah Sloat.

New recording:

  • The Emperor’s New Clothes—a setting of the famous H.C. Andersen tale, featuring harp, trombone, and storyteller, with a sprinkling of colorful percussion. My friend and colleague Ric Becker played trombone and most of the percussion; yours truly supplied the harp tracks and storytelling.

New publications:

Composition performances:

in Denmark (Sine Nomine), Brazil (Il Prigione IV, & Legends of Isis), Canada (various arrangements of Armenian folk tunes), as well as in the NY Metro area: American Songs, performed by the Backyard Brass Quintet, and Il Prigione I for harp & cello, presented by Cante Libre).


In 2022 I recorded Mitch Landy's "American Folksong Suite"--a piece that was near and dear to my heart, as I heard many of the songs in my home as I was growing up. The CD is yet to be made available, but you can listen to a selection--his version of "Shenedoah:"


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