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The WAVE is the name given to a famous experiment that took place in a Palo Alto CA high school back in the spring of 1967. It has been the subject of books, magazine articles, docu- dramas, and a few documentaries. The event had a profound affect on my life.

It was my first year in that school, having just moved to California from Chicago. I was in one of Ron Jones’s classes—“Contemporary World History.” Jones was a very popular teacher— young, dynamic, and creative. We were studying the second world war, and the experiment came about when one student asked Jones how it was possible that the German people went along with the agenda of the Nazis.

Jones set up an experiment. At first it seemed harmless enough...


I include here the links to fuller details and information.

This is a trailer for the first documentary, Lesson Plan, put out by Phil Neel (who was also in our class): 

A more recent documentary, The Invisible Line, was put out by a German filmmaker, Emanuel Rostein. This is the trailer:

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