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This suite features the famous “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba”— a wonderfully festive piece — followed by the “Menuet” and closing with the jubilant “La Rejouissance, ”both from the Royal Fireworks Music.  The three pieces work together beautifully, but all can be played as “stand-alone” presentations.


The setting is designed to accommodate mixed levels, with Harp 1 being the most difficult, Harp 3 being accessible for an advanced beginner, and Harp 2 somewhere in between. There are substantial lever changes for Harp 1, less for Harp 2, and only a few for Harp 3.

A Handel Suite

    • Harp 1 Pedal
    • Harp 1 Lever
    • Harp 2 Pedal
    • Harp 2 Lever
    • Harp 3 Pedal
    • Harp 3 Lever
    • Score
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