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The Three Treasures:
A remarkable story from the Arabian Nights tells about an extraordinary Arabian princess as she sets about gaining three valuable treasures. Her quest takes her through unusual perils,  and her cleverness and humility bring her to the prize where all others have failed. Her profound  

willingness to receive help and instruction uncovers surprising secrets and ultimately leads to the healing of her entire kingdom.  

Set for 3 actors and lever harp, with light percussion played by the harpist. 

Best for 6th grade and up. Running time: 50 minutes  

“…a luscious production … a luminous story of jealousy, revenge and redemption…” –Edinburg 

The Three Treasures

    • Actor script
    • Director script
    • Musician/Harp
    • Production Notes
    • Stage left book script
    • Stage right book script
    • Script covers
    • Cue 36
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