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The Frog Prince:  

An unusual promise bonds a Princess to a frog and leads to a moving transformation. This classic account of perseverance, courage, and faith is beautifully illuminated with storytelling,  movement, and a rapturous harp score.  

Set for 3 mimes, narrator, and pedal harp.  

The harpist may also play the narrator.  

Good for all ages. Running time: 40 minutes  

"What a pleasant and refreshing change to see a children’s show not steeped elbow deep in patronizing Panto over-enthusiasm…The Frog Prince’ is a tale regaled by a harp plucking narrator, wonderfully creating moods and atmosphere... Silent flowing movement from the players allows a magical setting to blossom on stage, while an audience, comprising far more three-year-olds than adults, sits mesmerized… A very welcome alternative to conventional  children’s theatre.”--Three Weeks 

The Frog Prince

    • Harp Score
    • Script with acting notes
    • Storyteller
    • Script covers
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