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This collection builds on Lovely Levers I, and is for advanced beginner/intermediate level harpists. The ten arrangements range from Korean, Irish, German, and Sephardic folk melodies to more classical selections. Especially geared for harpists who already have a strong musical background and are looking for challenging repertoire, the pieces cover a broad range of musical traditions and arranging styles.


These arrangements are designed for lever harps with a range from two octaves below middle C up to high A an octave above the staff (A1). Harps with smaller ranges will need to make octave adjustments. All these arrangements are also playable on pedal harp; a separate version is published in pedal harp format.

Lovely Levers Vol. II

    • Ruby Red
    • Chum, Chum, Gesella Min
    • The Month of January
    • La Volt
    • Heilig
    • Sephardic Song
    • The Quiet Land of Erin
    • Holla Hi
    • Ahrirang
    • Frolic
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