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This collection of ten short solos comes from a wide range of time periods and traditions.

It is specially geared for those beginner and advanced beginner-level harpists who already have a musical background.  Many of the arrangements have an easy first “verse” which can stand alone; following sections can be added as technique progresses.
Chord symbols have been added in some cases to encourage experimentation with accompaniment.
The collection also includes supplemental adaptations of three of the tunes as easy ensembles for those who play in harp circles.


Only one of the tunes requires a lever change, which is indicated. All pieces can be played on pedal harp. This version of the collection is formatted for harps with a range from two octaves below middle C up to the G two octaves and a fifth above middle C. There is a separate version formatted for 26-string harps.

Lovely Levers Vol. I

    • Quan Vei la Lauzeta Mover
    • Sulla Lulla
    • Cantiga "Des Oge Mais"
    • German Lullaby
    • Amazing Grace
    • Triste Estaba el Rey David
    • Midsummer Night’s Dream
    • Slängpolska
    • Goddesses
    • A Scots Tune
    • Supplement: Three Short Ensembles
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