Music for string orchestra by Alyssa Reit.

A few years ago I had the good fortune to travel to Egypt, and visited many of the temples. At one site, one young woman from a tour group spontaneously began to sing—not a song per se, but notes she said she was “hearing” from the temple itself. Then a very unusual thing began to happen—other tourists began to join in, making amazing layers of shifting sound. I don’t know if the young woman was actually hearing anything form the temple or not, but I do know that the music that was created was very beautiful. The feeling and effect of it has stayed with me ever since. This piece is my attempt to capture and expand that beauty.

The piece was premiered by the Greenwich Symphony in January of 2006, with David Gilbert conducting.

The piece has also been performed as a string octet.

Legends of Isis (2VlVaVc)

    • Score,
    • Violin 1
    • Violin 2
    • Viola
    • Cello