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The arrangement of this cheerful tune is designed for two lever or pedal harps, with an optional third part.  Harps 1 & 2 require intermediate skill; harp 3 is playable as is by an advanced beginner, and can be modified to suit easier beginner levels. All three parts require lever or pedal changes.


Harps 1 & 2 require a range from the A or G an octave + above the treble staff down to the C below the bass clef; harp 3 may be played on an instrument that ranges from the F at the top of the treble clef down to the G at the bottom of the bass clef.


Parts for lever harps with lever changes indicated are included, as well as parts for pedal harps.

Deck The Halls

    • Harp 1 Lever
    • Harp 1 Pedal
    • Harp 2 Lever
    • Harp 2 Pedal
    • Harp 3 Lever
    • Harp 3 Pedal
    • Score
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