Classic Ensembles—Duet for Young Harpists

These arrangements are designed for lever harps with a range from two octaves below middle C up to high A an octave above the staff (A1). Harps with smaller ranges will need to make octave adjustments.
All these arrangements are also playable on pedal harp.

They are suitable for advanced beginners.

Classic Ensembles (2Hp)

    • King William’s March – J. Clarke
    • Menuet – J.S. Bach
    • Berceuse – F. Schubert
    • Menuet – G.F. Handel
    • Polonaise – J.S. Bach
    • Merry Widow Waltz – F. Lehar
    • Country Dance – L.v.Beethoven
  • Six of the arrangements can easily be played on 29-string lever harps (only one note needs to be transposed up an octave). Some of the pieces involve several lever changes while playing a single line – a great way to become comfortable with that skill – while three arrangements do not need any lever changes. Though the parts do require simple independence of the hands, most of them can easily be divided into simpler parts (using only left or right hand), to enable less advanced players to play along.