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An Italian Festival includes eight traditional Italian religious songs and folk melodies arranged for lever harp.
The unusual and simple melodies are set in a variety of styles, easy enough for advanced beginners and sophisticated enough for professional use. All melodies include a simpler first verse that can be played on its own or in combination with the following more elaborate second verse.


This version of the collection is designed for harps with a range from two octaves below middle C up to the G two octaves and a fifth above middle C.


There is a separate publication formatted for pedal harp.

An Italian Festival

    • Fratello Sole Sorella Luna
    • Benedetto Nei Secoli
    • Stabat Mater
    • Davanti al Re
    • Cantico Della Creature
    • Madre del redentore
    • Dormi Mio Piccolo
    • Chi Ci Separera
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