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Parts for Young Harpists

Many young harpists have little opportunity to play in ensembles with their peers. Orchestral repertoire adapted or arranged for students rarely come with harp parts. Many orchestra teachers for the elementary through high school levels have no idea what to do with a student who plays harp, and give these young harpists cello or violin parts to read. Very often I have had students be told that their only choice was to learn another instrument—as if playing the harp wasn’t enough of a challenge! I even had one orchestra teacher tell the mother of a student that “harp isn’t an orchestral instrument.”

To remedy this, I have been making student harp parts for many years, both chamber and orchestral. Having been a longtime faculty member at the EMS Summer String Festival, I have also had the good fortune to create numerous parts for young harpists to play with the festival orchestras.

The result—a body of custom-tailored harp parts that can be used with standard student orchestral repertoire!

It is my wish that no young harpist who desires to make music with his/her peers be left out for lack of a part. Below is my current list; contact me for details, availability, and possible additions to the repertoire.

Parts for Young Harpists
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