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Timing:  ca. 30 minutes


The creation myth of the Lenape people is very rich and  expressive, with surprising resonances  to other creation stories. This version treats the harp and storyteller as equal partners in telling the story, and features a wide range of musical flavors, including light percussion (played by the harpist). It is a great piece for both school age and adult audiences.


Although the piece is written for lever harp that goes down to the B string below the bass clef, indications are given in the score as to appropriate adaptations for harps that only go to the low bass C.

The harp part serves as a score, and includes all text; the script includes detailed information about the musical accompaniment.




The text was adapted from  a book written by Hitakonanu’laxk (Tree Beard) called “The Grandfathers Speak.” The script was made with every effort to honor, respect, and faithfully reflect the spirit of the original.

The setting was made with support from a generous American Harp Society grant.

The Lenape Creation

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