Renaissance Collection Vol. 2 - Trios (Lever Harp)
All of these arrangements are based on the original tunes and settings, filled out with countermelodies and the use of harmonic variation.

The set is suitable for intermediate-level harpists, designed for lever harps with a range from the G an octave above the treble staff down to the C below the bass clef. Lever changes are marked.

The parts are also playable on pedal harp.

    Renaissance Collection Vol. II (LevHp3)

      • “All in a Garden Green” (John Playford)
      • “Spagnoletta” (Michael Praetorius)*
      • “It Was a Lover and His Lass” (Thomas Morley)

        * A separate publication is available of Spagnoletta for 4-6 harps, mixed level.