Oisin in Tir na n’Og - A New Video Presentation!

I am excited to announce an upcoming video of this wonderful story! About the tale: Traditional Irish literature is divided into four main cycles. The earliest, known as the Mythological Cycle, are stories of demi-gods, primarily Tuatha De Danaan, and semi-demonic peoples called the Fomorians. The next, the Ulster Cycle, represents the period around the birth of Christ. This relates the legends of the Red Branch Knights, and of great men of grand stature, such as Conor Mac Nessa and Cuchulainn. The third cycle is called the Feinian Cycle, and dates from approximately 300 years after the characters of the Ulster Cycle. It contains tales of Finn Mac Cumhaill and his band of followers, the Fianna. The last cycle, the Historical Cycle, tells of the early High Kings of Ireland.

This story, Oisin in Tir na n’ Og, comes from the Feinian Cycle, and has as its hero Oisin, son of Finn Mac Cumhaill. Oisin was both a member of the Fianna (the warrior protectors of the High King of Ireland) and a master harper. The story follows his sojourn in Tir na n’Og—the magical land of the “ever young”—and his return. I thank my friend, Una McGillicuddy, for introducing me to this profound story, and for the major part of the we text used. She and I recorded a CD version in 2012. Both time and the perspectives it brings have inspired further refinements to that initial setting. In this upcoming video, I welcome actress Hannah Sloat as my collaborator and storyteller. Our expected release date is July 21st—until then, enjoy this sample!