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New release! Thanks to a request from Michelle Lundy, I’ve made a trio version (harp, flute, viola) of the popular Armenian Songs that were published a few years ago. It will be available on April 24th, the Remembrance Day of the Armenian genocide.


Recently I completed a recording of Mitch Landy’s “American Folksong Suite"- one selection on a CD that Mitch is putting out later this year. The piece was near and dear to my heart, as many of the nine folk songs he arranged were those I heard growing up. Here’s a sample, the arrangement of “Shendoah.”

Stay tuned for the full album release.


And in case you missed it!

Two new videos were released in March: “Oisin in Tir na n’Og”—a classic Irish Myth—and “A Portrait of Milton Phibbs”-a tribute to the late, beloved horn player-composer. See the "Videos" section for more details.


Recent Publications:

The first is an arrangement of a suite of pieces by G.F.Handel, in honor of his birthday (Feb. 23rd): the famous Arrival of the Queen of Sheba—a wonderfully festive piece—followed by the Menuet and closing with the jubilant La Rejouissance, both from the Royal Fireworks Music. The three pieces work together beautifully, but all can be played as “stand-alone” presentations.

The setting is for a mixed-level harp trio/ensemble, (beginner-intermediate) and all parts can be played on either pedal or lever harp. The lever parts are marked with all lever changes, as is the score.

The second is a new arrangement of two traditional folk melodies from South America — La Vidalita and Las Tres Damas—designed to be played in tandem. My original setting was for harp and flute, although it has also been performed extensively in a harp duo/ensemble version, including under the auspices of the Philadelphia Orchestra (with flutes). The new version is for harp, flute, and viola trio, featuring the viola both melodically and rhythmically. It will be available by the end of the month—in time for Mardi Gras!

La Vidalita is a song sung by the gaucho cattle herders of Uruguay and Argentina—very rubato and expressive. Las Tres Damas is a “joropo”-an extremely dynamic musical style, full of offbeat accents and syncopations.

The pieces are real favorites of mine, and very successful with audiences of all kinds.